About – Conclave


The Conclave strives to provide a roadmap for the youth and has brought together various stakeholders from the government, Industry, academics, policy-making and civil society for the purpose of formulating policies for economic inclusion and empowerment of youth. The participation range to 23 states with around 400 people participating in this conclave.

Various sessions at the conclave have been designed in such a manner to ensure proper discussion on the major and the important topics which will have a great impact on improving the situation of youth in India.  The session cover issues like Education & Skill Development. Major emphasis has been given to the development of Entrepreneurship in which attention has been given to the legal & policy framework, financing and market connect which affects this concept a lot.

Creating employment opportunities in the rural an important place in thr conclave. The Conclave also touches upon the issue of women empowerment ant the social responsibility of the youth of country.

Major Topics

Education and Skill Development

Are we prepared for the future?


Promotion, financing, and increasing the success rate

Creating opportunities in smaller cities and rural areas

Agriculture and beyond

Women Empowerment

Beyond tokenism

Beyond Employment

Youth and social responsibility

“Aim Of Conclave”

” The conclave aims to bring awareness to serious and urgent issue of the coming decade and instate policy action for economic inclusion of millions of youth not only in urban areas but also in all the districts and towns of the country.  The participants will get first hand exposure of the latest thinking and will act as change agents in their communities. “